Lucioli 7MM Low Pressure System Front & Rear COMBO


Lucioli 7MM Inner Tube Front & Rear COMBO

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New tire inflation system for Offroad, Dual Sport, Crosscountry, Enduro and Hard Enduro

Lucioli are not your regular inner tubes for Enduro. It is an innovative & durable system with unique features. You do not  need to worry about getting stuck on the Trails. Thanks to its thickness and internal reinforcement, Lucioli can be used at as low as 4 PSI air preassure . More grip and safety for the rider. They do not go flat because of its 7mm walls.

Working Pressure at medium load (average rider weight 75 kg):

Rear Lucioli:
OFF Road with good traction:( 9 PSI)
Mixed Enduro Terrain: (6 PSI)
Hard Enduro Terrain:  (4 PSI)

Front Lucioli:
All Terrain conditions (5 TO 8 psi)

Recommendation for use
For Extreme Enduro, we recommend always using 2 tire stops/ rim locks/ safety bolts (do not cut any of them)

It is advisable to widen the rim holes to 9mm (from standard 8 mm) and chamfer the hole for ease of insertion of the valve and rim locks

A rim strip is not necessary

Please open your Lucioli as soon as they arrive, to return it to its original shape (it is shipped folded).

18″ models fits the following sizes:
110/80/18, 120/80/18, 130/80/18, 140/80/18, 110/90/18, 120/90/18, 130/90/18, 140/90/18, 110/100/18, 120/100/18, 130/100/18, 140/100/18

21″ Fits all off road tire size

Installation Instructions



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